In 2010, Dr. Henk Tennekes revealed to the world the forseen dangers associated with the continued use of neonicotinoids when he blew the whistle and published his best-selling book, The Systemic Pesticides: A Disaster In The Making.

He has spoken all over the world and is quoted by many of the most respected institutions, advocates and scientists. His book is compared to that of the late Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring.

This 72-page 2010 publication raises new and troubling questions about a widely used insecticide’s potential for harm to bees, beneficial insects, and bird populations. Using imidacloprid as an example, Dutch toxicologist Dr. Henk Tennekes reports on the hazards of imidacloprid to insects and birds.

Currently, this book is available as an Ebook at a cost of just 9.95 Euros (£8 or $12), or as a hardcover at 29.95 Euros. Soon it will be available to the American market in Winter of 2014 in paperback and kindle.

A Disaster In The Making.

Available in English, German, French and Dutch. Please click the link to select the version you would like.

Praise for the book

We are witnessing an ecological collapse in all the wildlife that used to live in fields, hedgerows, ponds and streams. All the common species we knew as children are being wiped from the face of the countryside.

Graham White, environmental author

This book dwarfs Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”. The statistics are horrendous as page by page the demise of the flora and fauna of the natural ecosystems of Europe and the UK is systematically documented.

Eric McArthur, The Beekeepers Quarterly

Reviewed by Rachel Carson Council

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